Why we homeschool

“We read lots of books. We go outside and play and explore. Most importantly, we strive to teach our children the Word of God, and the love of Jesus. We read the Word together and pray together and sing praise songs together. Those are our favorite family moments each day!”

-H.S., mom of three

“We want our children to learn to “Love God and love others”, and we feel the best way we can do that is through homeschooling. Also we want set a firm foundation in faith and family, and homeschooling is how we’re going to get there. “

-R.K., mom of three

“Through the years that I’ve homeschooled the education part has definitely been important but the number one thing has been to grow my children’s hearts for Christ. In the end…it’s all that matters. I know that I only have one time around to create and foster lasting relationships with my children.”

-L.B., mom of three