Our class schedule is determined by our parent teachers and the talents and knowledge they have to offer. We are a Christ centered co-op and all material taught must be above reproach. We offer classes for all ages, infant through high school. All of our age groups have a gym class, to enjoy exercise and group games.

We will have information about our Fall 2023 classes soon. If you have any questions about classes, please contact us.

Example Of Classes Offered

Spring 2022

Lookouts (3 & 4 Year Olds):

Health Science: My Body

Mrs. Westfall & Mrs. Milligan are teaching our preschoolers all about their own anatomy.


Mrs. Tingley and Mrs. Eising are teaching letter sounds.

Navigators (Kindergarten & 1st Grade):


Mrs. Afton and Mrs. Hedmad are exploring different types of rocks.

Lego Challenge

Mrs. Gryzbowski and Mrs. Jefferies are leading the students in a different building challenge each week.

Breakers (2nd-4th Grades):

Galloping Africa

Mrs. Jefferies and Ms. Welch are guiding the students on a tour through Africa, learning about culture, geography, and cuisine along the way.

Breakers & Keepers (2nd-6th Grades)


Mrs. Eising, Mrs. Afton, Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Milligan, and Mrs. Kahly are leading a large group, playing drama games to practice public speaking and expressions. They are preparing skits to share on our showcase night

Keepers (5th-6th Grades):

Strategic Games 

Mrs. Tingley and Mr. Behrens are practicing strategy and logic via competitive board games.

Beacons (8th-11th Grades):

Architectural Drafting – Ms. Skiver & Mrs. Behrens

Anatomy & Physiology – Mrs. Hedman and Ms. Welch