Our class schedule is determined by our parent teachers and the talents and knowledge they have to offer. We are a Christ centered co-op and all material taught must be above reproach. We offer classes for all ages, infant through high school.

Classes Offered

Fall 2021

New class list coming soon…contact us for more information.

Classes Offered

Spring 2021 (archived)

Lookouts (3 & 4 Year Olds):

Animal Science

Mrs. Westfall, Mrs. Tingley, and Mrs. Thoms are teaching our preschoolers all about animal habitats.

Letter Story Time

Mrs. Tingley, Mrs. Fogle, and Mrs. Westfall are sharing Bible stories and songs.

Navigators (Kindergarten & 1st Grade):


Mrs. Fogle and Mrs. Milligan are leading our lower elementary students through creating with many different media.

Fruits of the Spirit

Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Thoms are leading the students through a study of the fruits of Spirit, focusing on a new fruit each week and incorporating scripture memory, hands-on science, and Bible stories to ingrain the truth of character development through Jesus Christ.

Breakers (2nd-4th Grades):

Weather Science

Mrs. Jefferies and Ms. Welch are


Mrs. Sheldon and Mrs. Behrens

Keepers (5th-7th Grades):


Mrs. Behrens and Mrs. Walker

We are using Real Science-4-Kids Physics curriculum to cover the following topics:

• scientific method
• force and work
• potential and kinetic energy
• motion, momentum, and inertia
• chemical energy
• electrical energy (& heat – if we have time)
• magnets
• sound waves (& light waves – if we have time)

Each lesson will have an experiment to accompany and illustrate it.

American History

Mr. Vance and Mrs. Jefferies (What curriculum?)

Beacons (8th-11th Grades):

Video Production – Mr. Tingley and Mr. Behrens

The video production course is a fully immersive, hand-on experience using digital cinema cameras, lighting and professional audio to create a commercial for Lighthouse Co-op. Mr. Tingley has produced videos through his video production company since 2006. He also currently teaches adjunct at Ferris State University.

Personal Finance – Mrs. Milligan and Mr. Tingley

The personal finance course encourages smart decisions when it comes to budgeting, planning for the future and investing. Mrs. Milligan graduated from Grand Valley State University and currently works as an accountant for a West Michigan construction company.